Friday, January 21, 2011

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project "Get out of Facebook!" - Farewell to non farewell

I am an idealist. Idealists like to undertake to act according to their principles, even though they themselves do not understand exactly why - just like that, despite the pragmatism. The principle behind my Facebook farewell is simple:

people do not need social prostheses.

find Following the nearly two years of collected stories, insights and question marks around the social platform Facebook that try somehow to explain what I myself sometimes can not quite grasp.

The spectrum is wide: It started the (I call it now times) project actually already with the last article "post Facebook natum - the new Flirt" , but knew I then use this yet. It is about Facebook and the power of open questions to people on the example of the first dates. Some even halfway amusing examples of FB and " Relationships » to continue the project, coupled probably with a collection of standardized " why-I-on-facebook-bin-justifications . " Finally, have gathered in my mind a lot of questions about the construction of interpersonal relations by using FB and their potential effects on the mental constitution of human nature, which are non-negligible psychological and philosophical implications. The explanation of the "departure of non-farewell" finally aim at the total contributions.

There are of course all of my following comments are counter arguments. But the only good is probably: "You do not always look the same but all so close." However, I can not really say much. Sometimes the world is for me really quite narrow. All other arguments can I deny it or them, at least one more significant contrast. On verra.

But it still said, should look closely to this project really is not. There are no more and no less than the thoughts of a hopeless Kulturpessimistin - posted on a blog. Consequently, one must not even take it seriously


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